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Why We Started

We designed Letters in a Time of War as a unique act of Remembrance to honour Canadian soldiers who were killed, veterans who survived and families who endured. 


Our vision was to have Canadian veterans, media personalities, actors, legendary athletes and young students read letters aloud which were written by Canadian soldiers and their families in front of a live audience. The act of reading letters would bring voices to words that have been silent for some time, while helping us to understand the enormous sacrifices and accomplishments of Canadians in times of conflict.


On the evening of the event in the sold-out theatre at the Canadian War Museum, our vision became a reality and all of us were deeply moved by this powerful tribute to those who gave so much. 


We are already planning another event to be held in November 2020. 

David McGuffin

Co-Executive Producer

Veteran foreign correspondent.  Host. Producer. He has reported for CBC, CTV, NPR, NBC, and ABC News from over 40 countries, including conflict zones in Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Congo.


He spent 7 years in Washington, DC as a Senior and Supervising Editor at Morning Edition, NPR's award-winning, national news, and current affairs program.


After working from bases in DC, Moscow, Beijing, Rome, and Nairobi, David moved home to Ottawa in 2018, where he reports on Canada for NPR News and is the host of the Canadian Geographic's Explore podcast.